Friday, July 29, 2011

Batch 13 : A Bakers dozen and a bit more !

Mmm ... A Bakers dozen ! I could quite easily chomp away at a Cream Cake or some fresh Bread from a Bakery right now, but instead, I'll put that thought on hold and present a whopper of batch this time. We have 23 titles here with a couple of rare ones, Starace from 1984 and Beach Head II on the Americana sub-label. If I have not already mentioned before, Mastertronic had sub-labels and as in this batch : Americana, Bulldog and Rack It !

Americana ::
Beach Head II and Go For the Gold.

Bulldog ::
Destructo, Feud and Shard or Inovar.

Entertainment USA ::
Las Vegas Video Poker and Street Surfer.

Mastertronic Added Dimension :: 
Action Force, Kromazone and Strike.

Mastertronic ::
Bionic Granny / Jungle Story, Dynamix, Kentilla, Knight Tyme, Nonterraqueous, Pulsoids, Sailing and Starace.

Mastertronic Plus ::
Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing, Tetris and Xenon.

Rack It ::
Battle Valley and Supercup Football.

The Grand Total of Tapes collected so far is ... 135 ! 

If you live in the United Kingdom you might have seen the adverts for a supermarket called Morrisons and term - " Price Crunch ". Well, three Mastertronic Titles for £3.99 from the 1980's or even early 1990's must have been a bargain then. It also goes to show, how long Morrisons have been around for.

Again, this pack was sealed and dutifully opened, so that the games could be tested and played. Kentilla is a cool graphic adventure game, Pulsoids is a breakout clone and Nonterraqueous is a nice little shoot'em up.

Now, moving onto the subject of the Americana Label. Whilst trying to load both Beach Head II and Go For the Gold, I ran into problems, where the tape either seized or encountered some sort of load error. Though, you must forgive the fact that it is truly amazing that any computer game tape would last over 20 years and still load. Of course, if the Tape or Disk was stored in the right conditions, then perhaps and in pretty much a high percentage that I have tested, has. Perhaps I have this paranoid thought or feeling, that the next Americana Tape will have the same problem. Although, perhaps a bad batch of Tapes were used during duplication ?

Pending and coming soon ... Batch 14 !

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