Friday, April 6, 2012

Batch 39 : Rogue or Romantic ?

It is Friday and it's good ! Quite literally ... " Good Friday " and after a bit of a pause, I am back with another title for the collection. At this point in time SlayRadio - " The home of Commodore 64 remixes and original SID's " is playing in the background. I do like listening to other what most people would call, normal music. But basically, Computer music is my favourite. Even the Atari Pokey chip has become a good bit of aural stimulation as well.
So, Rogue, a Gauntlet type of game with nice graphics and unsual game makes it worth a look. A quick load time as well, 55 counters ( 2m 45s ). I am not really a fan of these types of games, but certainly gives you some form of strategy whilst play it.

Mastertronic ::

Okay ! So my collection is almost ( sort of ) complete, just a few more titles to go. 

Here is a list of the ones I have left to collect :

5 A Side Soccer ( Mastertronic Added Dimension )
Dr Jackel and Mr Wide ( Bulldog )
Anarchy ( Rack It )
Tunnel Vision ( Rack It )
Spore ( Bulldog )
Masters of the Universe ( Ricochet or Americana )
Herobotix ( Rack It )
Ultimate Combat Mission ( Mastertronic )
Trailblazer ( Ricochet )
Raid ( Americana )
Ball Blazer ( Ricochet )
How to be a Complete B*stard ( Ricochet )
Alcazar ( Americana or Ricochet )

Let us hope that these titles are out there, somewhere ...

Until next time ...