Sunday, February 26, 2012

Batch 35 : Get some Action on your Bike !

Another sunny sunday and a little Atari love coming your way. Nothing on the Commodore 64 front this week, but a cracking conversion from one of the classics. I have decided to combine the different platforms together, so you will have Atari and Commodore 64 blogs together. It's quite simple and will add some variation.
This version of Action Biker on the Atari 800/130 is a great conversion, which even has a rendition of the in-game tune by Rob Hubbard. Despite the slight colour differences, it plays, looks and sounds just the same, as much as the Commodore 64.

Atari ::

Mastertronic ::
Action Biker

With regards to totals collected for each machine, I will mention them whenever I can. So for this time and so far ...

Atari 800 : 11
Commodore 64 : 220

Until the next batch ... Pending delivery !

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Batch 34 : A couple of Americanas, plus a dried up puddle !

Well, the sun is out and the temperature has risen by at least 10 degrees since last weekend. Quite a relief really, it was getting pretty cold in the study of my headquarters. And so onto our intriging batch for this time. Saracen and Talladega, both rare finds on the Americana label for me. Plus, if you remember from a couple of posts ago, I found a copy of Talladega, but on the TopTen label. At least I have the official release now. Saracen is a great maze type game in two parts, both can be played independently, which is pretty good.
Now we move onto a story in itself really, a story with humorous ending and not so much as a warning, but just a taste of how bizarre collecting can be. It all began with the finding of Aqua by Mr. Chip Software on a cover tape by Mastertronic, to date I cannot remember what Computer Magazine this appeared on. I had completely forgotten about the existence of this, but do recall owning the tape at some point in the early years of my Commodore 64 life experience.
On Friday 17th February 2012, I decided to video my experience with this find and recorded a YouTube video for you to watch and enjoy.
As I explain in the video, you do sometimes encounter unexpected perils and surprises during collecting.

Americana ::
Saracen and Talladega

Mastertronic ::

The grand total of titles collected so far, is : 220 ... Less than twenty to go ?

Atari ::
We have two additions for the Atari this time, Grid Runner and One Man and His Droid. A real nice couple of gems indeed.
Grid Runner is your typical shoot'em up from the stables of Jeff Minter with great sound effects and visuals. One Man and His Droid is very similar to the Commodore 64 version, but with what sounds like the soundtrack to Finders Keepers for the Title. 

I quite like collecting Atari 800 Mastertronic titles, even though there maybe less to collect than the Commodore 64, it's all good fun anyway !

Until the batch ...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Batch 33 : Additions, replacements and tales from the darkside !

It's officially cold outside again and there was a little snow during the week, just to make things more interesting. With all that in mind, it's warm inside and the coffee is on and away we go with another post.

I managed to get a replacement for Beach Head II, it loads on both sides, against the other copy that doesn't load at all. The only downside, is the tape label is torn on the right side. Probably due to a sticker being there and it was ripped off.
When you are collecting rare items, especially in this instance, you will encounter different qualities. There are a number of tapes out there, that are very good condition and there will be those, that are not. None of the tapes in my collection are mint, they are used and all work very well, apart from a few. For a tape to last nearly 30 years and still work after being stored in varied conditions, is simply, quite remarkable.

We have two more additions, Blackwyche and Subterranea. Both great games, Blackwyche being an arcade adventure and Subterranea being a great little shoot'em up with some cool music by Jonathon Dunn.
Rack It ::

Ricochet ::

Tales from the Darkside
There really isn't anything to concern or worry yourself here, but just to inform you, that I am now collecting Mastertronic titles for the Atari 800. Are you still there ?
Far from the squabbles over many years ago at school, when we would all brag about whos computer was better than the other and all that jazz. Today, it's all about retro computing and having a play at those machines that we once saw, but never had the change to own or use. Luckily, I obtained this Atari 800 XL through a good friend, but not until a few months ago, did I have a place for it. By chance of fate, I was lucky enough to get donated a bundle of tapes for different computers and quite amazingly there was some Mastertronic titles amongst them as well.
I was also kindly informed by someone on the Atari Age forum, that there is around 30 tapes for the Atari 800, so not as many as the Commodore 64. You maybe asking yourselves now, will I be collecting for additional machines ? My answer at the moment would be no, only the Atari now. I think lack of room and storage space for one, but I'd love to have more machines in a special retro study or room.

Bulldog ::

Entertainment USA ::
Los Angeles S.W.A.T.

Mastertronic ::
Attack of the Mutant Camels, Despatch Rider, Henry's House, Kikstart and Universal Soldier.

Mastertronic Added Dimension ::

Until the next batch ... Coming soon !

Friday, February 3, 2012

Batch 32 : I am ... The LAW !

Whether we like it or not, there always has to be laws and rules. Some follow and others ignore ! But if you have someone like Judge Dredd and his fellow officers around, you are sure to be in for quite an experience. This nice bundle of seven tapes for the collection, really gives a broad range of gaming styles and quality.
Outlaws is fun rootin' tootin' Cowboy game with classic double-sized sprites and pretty good gameplay as well. A typically classic game, when first released by Ultimate Play the Game. As mentioned before, Judge Dredd is great little game with all the production traits of Melbourne House on its re-release on the Ricochet label. Most, if not all games always had colourful graphics, big sprites and very distinctive music. You really must check out The Legend of the Amazon Women, again, a re-release on the Mastertronic label. The game is okay, if a little slow at times.

Some of these titles are rare, as in, I haven't seen many copies floating around on eBay or other online stores. But never give up any chances of checking out charity shops, car boot fairs or the like, because you never know what might crop up. Even if most of these outlets sell Console games.

Bulldog ::

Mastertronic Added Dimension ::

Mastertronic ::
Legend of the Amazon Women and Rollaround.

Rack It ::

Ricochet ::
Judge Dredd and Outlaws.

The total collected so far ... 216 ... is getting pretty close to the completed target !

There is another pending delivery is on its way ...