Saturday, June 9, 2012

Batch 42 : Move those Goal Beams !

Whoa ! A few weeks have passed again and there doesn't seemed to have been much activity. But with only a few titles left, it is quieter than normal waiting for them to pop-up or not in some cases. So, here's to the lonely one in this batch ...
To score is the aim of this game Ballblazer, originally by Lucasfilm / Activision. A short played, but memorable title played by myself. The unforgettable music, which has been remixed by none other than Romeo Knight, legendary to the demo scene for many tunes, including Red Sectors - Cebit'90 demo. Title track called - " Cream of the Earth ". Well worth a load and play.

Ricochet ::

Creeping ever-so slowly to the finish ...

5 A Side Soccer ( Mastertronic Added Dimension )
Ultimate Combat Mission ( Mastertronic )
How to be a Complete B*stard ( Ricochet )

I have seen the remaining titles on other platforms like, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad, but as yet not on the Commodore 64. So, the wait could be a long one !

If anyone has seen or has spare copies of these games, please let me know. Many thanks !