Monday, May 14, 2012

Batch 41 : Play it like there's no tomorrow !

So, when was the last time you played it like there was no tomorrow ? A game is a game and although I don't play many of the games that are around today, I certainly played a fair few back in the day. Well, that was a number of years ago, but it was fun then and still is now. Here's to retro computing !

Here we have three titles that have come my way, including two that I missed an opportunity to get at an earlier date ...
We all know Raid Over Moscow, in this instance it has been called Raid. It is still the same game, but with a slightly shortened name. This is another classic game by Bruce Carver of Access Software. Spore and Tunnel Vision two titles that I don't remember playing. Spore is quite a perculiar game, but with a fair modest David Whittaker title tune and sound effects. Whilst Tunnel Vision has a classic piece of music " Bach - Toccata in D Minor " and some speech " Attention - Get Ready ". The game isn't too bad and I quite like the 3D Tunnel effect in the game. Worth a look !

Americana ::

Bulldog ::

Rack It ::
Tunnel Vision

So, how many are left to get now ?

5 A Side Soccer ( Mastertronic Added Dimension )
Ultimate Combat Mission ( Mastertronic )
Ball Blazer ( Ricochet )
How to be a Complete B*stard ( Ricochet )

Are they out there ? Who knows ? Until the next time ...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Batch 40 : Trailblazing towards Anarchy !

I can't believe it is a month since my last blog entry, but we do have six rare titles from a collecting point of view, one of which was kindly found and offered to me as a trade. Also, don't be alarmed with the difference in photo sizes, I recently upgraded my HTC Desire for a Samsung Galaxy S2 on Android. A still, very functionable phone, but with better memory and extra features.
So, a nice mix arcade adventure, shoot'em up and a little bit of strategy with this bunch. Three of the most known titles for me where, Anarchy, Herobotix and Trailblazer. Although, I think Trailblazer was played more than anything by me and also, great re-release programmed by Shaun Southern of Mr. Chip Software fame. This title was kindly found and offered to me by Mat Corne from the great blog / vlog - " Mastertronic Chronicles ". Mat also kindly pointed out, that Alcazar was on the Mastertronic Label and not Americana or Ricochet. At the point of 13 titles listed on my last blog entry, it was difficult to judge then what sub-label it could have been on. But now we know !

Americana ::
Masters of the Universe

Jackie and Wide

Mastertronic ::

Rack It ::
Anarchy and Herobotix

Ricochet ::

Now there are only seven titles left to collect and I wonder how many of these will be easy to get ?

5 A Side Soccer ( Mastertronic Added Dimension )
Tunnel Vision ( Rack It )
Spore ( Bulldog )
Ultimate Combat Mission ( Mastertronic )
Raid ( Americana )
Ball Blazer ( Ricochet )
How to be a Complete B*stard ( Ricochet )

I have seen a few of these titles on other formats / systems, e.g. Amstrad and ZX Spectrum. Both Spore and Raid have appeared in bundles on eBay, but were unfortunately not obtained due to being outbid on or sold out on an online store. I have never seen a copy of 5 A Side Soccer on tape, but there is a disk version on the Mastertronic label through eBay from the United States. I wonder ?

Until the next time ...