Saturday, September 24, 2011

Batch 17 : What a whopper !

With a little pause from the last post, we have a whopper here ! 25 games in this batch with four that appear on a compilation. All the games cover most genre's : Adventure to Shoot'em up's ! I do find though, that on some re-releases, particulary Ricochet, the game title has been renamed on the cover, but the game itself hasn't changed from the original name and release. A fine example in this batch is, Skate Rock Simulator. Originally from Bubble Bus and called Skate Rock with great music by Ben Daglish.
I also have to mention the game, Droids ( Star Wars ) ' The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO '. Just what is going on with this game ? Track it down, either the original or via emulation and give it a go.

Bulldog ::

Mastertronic Added Dimension ::
Amaurote, Droids, Ice Palace, Octoplex, Supertstar Ping Pong and Zub.

Mastertronic ::
Bomb Fusion, Fantastic Four ( 180, Coloby, Rasterscan and Zub ), Speed Zone, Sweep and The Quest for the Golden Egg Cup.

Mastertronic Plus ::
Fighting Warrior, Gemini Wing, Rad Ramp Racer and Street Hassle.

Ricochet ::
Dan Dare II - Mekons Revenge, Hacker, Starquake, Superstar Challenge ( Brian Jacks ), Skate Rock Simulator and Tau Ceti.

The Grand Total of Tapes collected so far is ... 166 !

Pending and coming soon ... Batch 18 with another Americana to the fold !