Saturday, March 24, 2012

Batch 38 : Well I never ...

Who would have of known it ? There was me thinking that I'd never come across a copy of this title and then suddenly it appeared in a bundle on eBay. You may have read one of my earlier posts where I had a theory, but now this proves copies are still out there.
Pigs might fly, but they are still around in this sense of the word with Pigs in Space. As it stands, I am fairly certain that this version is not in the Commodore 64 archives. Not even as a .TAP file for use with Emulators. What makes this version unique, is the Turbo Loader and the first or front section with the Mastertronic logo, also with David and Richard Darlings pixel handwriting.
The above YouTube video shows me loading Pigs in Space and having a little game, which isn't spectactular, but funny at the same time. The overall load time is farily quick and under two minutes.
I had been looking around for Pigs in Space for over six months and luckily now, I have it. So, with this title, it completes my Blue Gridded 199 Range of Mastertronic games. I hope to get a Photo or perhaps even a video of these for my next blog post.

Mastertronic ::
Pigs in Space

Fellow collectors ::
It isn't just me out there, no ! We have a small band of fellow collectors of Mastertronic Titles and over the last few weeks, I have had requests for a Master list of titles. For the next blog post, I will place a link for this list, so anyone can download it and know what titles to collect.

I would also like to mention the Mastertronic Chronicles Blog hosted by Mat Corne, which not only notes what titles he is collecting, but it also contains some great gameplay videos so you can see a chosen title in action.

If there other collectors of Mastertronic titles out there who would a mention about there blog or website, just let me know.

Until the next time ...


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Batch 37 : It's rare, but definitely not the Last Ninja !

Today weather forecast is, definitely warmer than of late and with no surprise snow flurry like last weekend. I am generally glad somethings are starting to look up and it looks like I have found another rare one, well for a Mastertronic sub-label that is. Even if the original version is still out there !
A strange, but fairly addictive ... The Eidolon first published by Lucasfilm Games ( Activision ) ! This 3D maze, shoot'em up certainly keeps you wondering and on your toes. Loading from Tape is a little bit of a bind, but the Disk version certainly makes up for a lot. Well worth a look, especially when the Dragons appear !

Ricochet ::
The Eidolon

Atari ::

Well, it's not the Last Ninja, but worth a play and quite similar to the Commodore 64 version. Collect energy, Shuriken Stars and give the enemy a taste of your martial arts and away you go.
Another thing that makes Ninja on the Atari especially good, is the music, as it's composed by Rob Hubbard. It's always nice to hear his renditions on other platforms.

Entertainment USA ::

The pace of collecting All Things Mastertronic may have slowed up, but the eyes and ears are still looking out there !

Until the next time ...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Batch 36 : Who wants to be a Millionaire ? I do ?

We have rain today and it is not so cold as a few weeks ago. Despite that, we all dream of having lots of money and visiting America, going to Vegas and blowing an obscene amount of money at the Casino's. Well, now you can do part of this in the safety of your own home without losing a penny and getting scared about long haul flights.
Vegas Jackpot on the Atari plays and feels the same as the Commodore 64 version. The loading time is modest and you can still have a lot of fun with it. Again, this is another Atari addition, there maybe a title or two for the Commodore 64 coming up soon.

Atari ::

Mastertronic ::
Vegas Jackpot

For those that are curious and interested to know how many and what titles are left ( 19'ish ) to collect for the Commodore 64 platform :

Americana ::
Alcazar, Raid and Tunnel Vision

Bulldog ::
Dr. Jackel and Mr. Wide and Spore

Mastertronic ::
Pigs in Space, Ski Writer, 5-a-Side Soccer and Ultimate Combat Mission

Rack It ::
Anarchy and Herobotix

Ricochet ::
Masters of the Universe, Trailblazer, The Eidolon, Rogue, Ball Blazer, How to be a Complete B**tard

Until the next time ...