Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Batch 10 : All By Itself !

Awe ! All by itself ! Little ol' Batch 10 ! However, I was expecting two other Tapes to arrive today, but only this one turned up. It is another Fruit Machine title, although quite different in presentation and style compared to Vegas Jackpot from 1984. Only five years separates these two games.

Mastertronic ::
Super Nudge 2000 ( Fruitbank ) 1989

Now, this neat game was coded by none other than Ashley Routledge & David Saunders ( Ash & Dave ) ( Digital Design ) famed for their cool Demos on Compunet and then Games into the mainstream. Other Games of theirs to look out for on Mastertronic : Gaplus and Dynamix. You can also find some of their other releases, both Demos and Games here : [ http://noname.c64.org/csdb/group/?id=871 ] / [ http://www.gb64.com/search.php?a=5&f=3&id=1009&d=18&h=0 ]

Pending delivery ... Batch 11 : Double Dragon and Hyperbowl ...

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