Saturday, October 1, 2011

Batch 18 : With a trusty Sword !

Whoa ! It's October and very hot outside, instead of it being cold and autumnal, like we all love and hate. Anyway, we have raced up to another Batch with a considered rare game from the Americana stable. I still found a copy from the usual source, eBay !
You might not think of Zorro being a hard to find title, but like many titles, there is always the odd one that becomes a challenge to track down. The graphical style of the game kind of reminds me a Conan and Goonies. Both Datasoft titles as well, ironically.

Americana ::

Mastertronic Plus ::

The other title of this Batch, is Leviathan. A rather unusual Zaxxon clone with some of the craziest controls I've ever seen on a shoot'em up. When you do get the hang of it, it's good to shoot the baddies out of the space sky and try to get ahead through the level. I did find loading different Landscapes from Tape a little crazy, loading from Disk must be a tad easier.

Coming sometime soon ... Batch 19 !

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  1. I have Leviathan, myself on the same label as well. Loved Whittaker's music in the title screen. Sound effects suited this game well. The game's pretty tough to play but it was great to see the different landscapes.