Friday, February 3, 2012

Batch 32 : I am ... The LAW !

Whether we like it or not, there always has to be laws and rules. Some follow and others ignore ! But if you have someone like Judge Dredd and his fellow officers around, you are sure to be in for quite an experience. This nice bundle of seven tapes for the collection, really gives a broad range of gaming styles and quality.
Outlaws is fun rootin' tootin' Cowboy game with classic double-sized sprites and pretty good gameplay as well. A typically classic game, when first released by Ultimate Play the Game. As mentioned before, Judge Dredd is great little game with all the production traits of Melbourne House on its re-release on the Ricochet label. Most, if not all games always had colourful graphics, big sprites and very distinctive music. You really must check out The Legend of the Amazon Women, again, a re-release on the Mastertronic label. The game is okay, if a little slow at times.

Some of these titles are rare, as in, I haven't seen many copies floating around on eBay or other online stores. But never give up any chances of checking out charity shops, car boot fairs or the like, because you never know what might crop up. Even if most of these outlets sell Console games.

Bulldog ::

Mastertronic Added Dimension ::

Mastertronic ::
Legend of the Amazon Women and Rollaround.

Rack It ::

Ricochet ::
Judge Dredd and Outlaws.

The total collected so far ... 216 ... is getting pretty close to the completed target !

There is another pending delivery is on its way ...

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