Sunday, February 26, 2012

Batch 35 : Get some Action on your Bike !

Another sunny sunday and a little Atari love coming your way. Nothing on the Commodore 64 front this week, but a cracking conversion from one of the classics. I have decided to combine the different platforms together, so you will have Atari and Commodore 64 blogs together. It's quite simple and will add some variation.
This version of Action Biker on the Atari 800/130 is a great conversion, which even has a rendition of the in-game tune by Rob Hubbard. Despite the slight colour differences, it plays, looks and sounds just the same, as much as the Commodore 64.

Atari ::

Mastertronic ::
Action Biker

With regards to totals collected for each machine, I will mention them whenever I can. So for this time and so far ...

Atari 800 : 11
Commodore 64 : 220

Until the next batch ... Pending delivery !


  1. Are there any Commodore 64 ones you don't own? I suppose there must be a fair few yet.

  2. I've just checked and there is only 17 left to collect on the Mastertronic Label for the Commodore 64. I may list the remaining ones in the next blog. A couple maybe hard to find or maybe not ! ;)

  3. You should do that. I've got a few, I doubt they're rare but if I have any you need you're welcome to them.

  4. Why thank you sir ! In the next blog, I'll post what is left to collect.