Saturday, February 11, 2012

Batch 33 : Additions, replacements and tales from the darkside !

It's officially cold outside again and there was a little snow during the week, just to make things more interesting. With all that in mind, it's warm inside and the coffee is on and away we go with another post.

I managed to get a replacement for Beach Head II, it loads on both sides, against the other copy that doesn't load at all. The only downside, is the tape label is torn on the right side. Probably due to a sticker being there and it was ripped off.
When you are collecting rare items, especially in this instance, you will encounter different qualities. There are a number of tapes out there, that are very good condition and there will be those, that are not. None of the tapes in my collection are mint, they are used and all work very well, apart from a few. For a tape to last nearly 30 years and still work after being stored in varied conditions, is simply, quite remarkable.

We have two more additions, Blackwyche and Subterranea. Both great games, Blackwyche being an arcade adventure and Subterranea being a great little shoot'em up with some cool music by Jonathon Dunn.
Rack It ::

Ricochet ::

Tales from the Darkside
There really isn't anything to concern or worry yourself here, but just to inform you, that I am now collecting Mastertronic titles for the Atari 800. Are you still there ?
Far from the squabbles over many years ago at school, when we would all brag about whos computer was better than the other and all that jazz. Today, it's all about retro computing and having a play at those machines that we once saw, but never had the change to own or use. Luckily, I obtained this Atari 800 XL through a good friend, but not until a few months ago, did I have a place for it. By chance of fate, I was lucky enough to get donated a bundle of tapes for different computers and quite amazingly there was some Mastertronic titles amongst them as well.
I was also kindly informed by someone on the Atari Age forum, that there is around 30 tapes for the Atari 800, so not as many as the Commodore 64. You maybe asking yourselves now, will I be collecting for additional machines ? My answer at the moment would be no, only the Atari now. I think lack of room and storage space for one, but I'd love to have more machines in a special retro study or room.

Bulldog ::

Entertainment USA ::
Los Angeles S.W.A.T.

Mastertronic ::
Attack of the Mutant Camels, Despatch Rider, Henry's House, Kikstart and Universal Soldier.

Mastertronic Added Dimension ::

Until the next batch ... Coming soon !


  1. I did wonder how long you could resist branching out :)

  2. Sales on the Atari 8bit were fairly respectable for Mastertronic, especially for the few titles, such as Despatch Rider, that were only in that format. There were 39 releases up to September 1990.