Saturday, January 28, 2012

Batch 31 : Famous Five ... On holiday in the sun ?

When I first saw the title Famous Five in the list of Mastertronic titles to collect, I instantly thought it might be connected to a graphic text adventure with a similar name. Of course Famous Five is purely a compilation of 'Five Superb Games in One Mega Pack ' and has nothing to do with Enid Blytons title of works.
And with another cool sub-label title, we have Sunburst. A shoot'em up with nice 360 degree movement and sound effects. Watch out for the asteroid showers though !

Mastertronic ::
Famous Five : Amaurote, Invasion, Knucklebusters, Milk Race and Motos.

Rack It ::

The next batch may contain some surprises. All pending until they arrive !

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