Saturday, March 24, 2012

Batch 38 : Well I never ...

Who would have of known it ? There was me thinking that I'd never come across a copy of this title and then suddenly it appeared in a bundle on eBay. You may have read one of my earlier posts where I had a theory, but now this proves copies are still out there.
Pigs might fly, but they are still around in this sense of the word with Pigs in Space. As it stands, I am fairly certain that this version is not in the Commodore 64 archives. Not even as a .TAP file for use with Emulators. What makes this version unique, is the Turbo Loader and the first or front section with the Mastertronic logo, also with David and Richard Darlings pixel handwriting.
The above YouTube video shows me loading Pigs in Space and having a little game, which isn't spectactular, but funny at the same time. The overall load time is farily quick and under two minutes.
I had been looking around for Pigs in Space for over six months and luckily now, I have it. So, with this title, it completes my Blue Gridded 199 Range of Mastertronic games. I hope to get a Photo or perhaps even a video of these for my next blog post.

Mastertronic ::
Pigs in Space

Fellow collectors ::
It isn't just me out there, no ! We have a small band of fellow collectors of Mastertronic Titles and over the last few weeks, I have had requests for a Master list of titles. For the next blog post, I will place a link for this list, so anyone can download it and know what titles to collect.

I would also like to mention the Mastertronic Chronicles Blog hosted by Mat Corne, which not only notes what titles he is collecting, but it also contains some great gameplay videos so you can see a chosen title in action.

If there other collectors of Mastertronic titles out there who would a mention about there blog or website, just let me know.

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  1. Well done! I've never played Pigs in Space... it looks like a bastard-hard version of Pooyan. But that doesn't matter, congratulations on tracking it down!

  2. Thanks ! It was worth the wait, I wonder if UCM - " Ultimate Combat Mission " will ever come up ? That was a Crackers Revenge style of game.

  3. Congrats on completing at least one part of the collection Alex, and thanks for the plug! ;)

  4. Congrats.
    I have enheried it on disc, but can't find anything about it.
    It's nice to have your blog to help.