Sunday, March 11, 2012

Batch 37 : It's rare, but definitely not the Last Ninja !

Today weather forecast is, definitely warmer than of late and with no surprise snow flurry like last weekend. I am generally glad somethings are starting to look up and it looks like I have found another rare one, well for a Mastertronic sub-label that is. Even if the original version is still out there !
A strange, but fairly addictive ... The Eidolon first published by Lucasfilm Games ( Activision ) ! This 3D maze, shoot'em up certainly keeps you wondering and on your toes. Loading from Tape is a little bit of a bind, but the Disk version certainly makes up for a lot. Well worth a look, especially when the Dragons appear !

Ricochet ::
The Eidolon

Atari ::

Well, it's not the Last Ninja, but worth a play and quite similar to the Commodore 64 version. Collect energy, Shuriken Stars and give the enemy a taste of your martial arts and away you go.
Another thing that makes Ninja on the Atari especially good, is the music, as it's composed by Rob Hubbard. It's always nice to hear his renditions on other platforms.

Entertainment USA ::

The pace of collecting All Things Mastertronic may have slowed up, but the eyes and ears are still looking out there !

Until the next time ...

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