Saturday, December 24, 2011

Batch 28 : A *big* one and a surprise !

Ho-Ho-Ho ! Dashing through the snow ... ( cough ! ) Ah ! It's time for another batch, racing past the 200 Tape postmark and with a surprise to boot as well. Just in time really for this festive post.
Although, we only have four Tapes, most of this batch has a sporting theme. Hole-in-One is a classic Golf game, although not in the same league as Leaderboard Golf, it's still a pretty cool game all the same. Sport of Kings is a run of the mill Horse Racing game that steadies you from splashing out on the hard cash in a betting form. Both Hole-in-One and Sport of Kings have nice colourful graphics, even if they look a little basic. Still bags of fun though ! Vectorball is football / soccer, score a goal in the opposing teams side type of game. Nice vector graphics though and it feels like Spindizzy might have inspired the game players a little.

Mastertronic ::

Mastertronic Added Dimension ::
Ball Crazy, Hole in One and Sport of Kings.

Now it's time for a little surprise ! I found ( bought ) a copy of Water Polo on the Mastertronic Label, but on Disk. Technically, it isn't part of my mission to collect titles on Disk, but it was cheap enough and I thought I would check it out. I have come to the conclusion though, that this title has been released at least twice.
The other software house that released it, was Gremlin. Despite this Disk, Box and Instructions being around 25 years old, it's done remarkably well. I took the liberty of creating an image file for use with an emulator like Vice. So, you can see, it seems to be a rare release by Mastertronic and I have not yet encountered a copy on Tape. As far as I am aware, no other sites have an copy of this version, just the Gremlin one.

So, we have actually reached ... 203 Tapes, leaving the few that maybe tough cookies to obtain next year, but we will see what crops up. Until the next batch, see you then.

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