Saturday, December 17, 2011

Batch 27 : Short of another *BIG* one

Well, we are rolling up to another *big* one ! Hopefully, if the next batch of Tapes arrives before Christmas, the grand total will be ... 203 with only 30 or so to go. So, out of the remaining Tapes, I reckon that about 12 will be tricky to get hold of. I know I might have mentioned this before, but you can see it happening.
This batch contains a nice selection of shoot'em ups, a platformer and a nice Pool and Snooker game, On Cue. P.O.D. ( Proof of Destruction ) is a great little shoot'em up, perfect for releasing any stress through blasting away the baddies. It's also, another great game from the Shaun Southern stable, who is also responsible for giving us Vegas Jackpot, Kikstart and Lotus on the Amiga under the company name of Magnetic Fields.

Mastertronic ::
Hyperforce, P.O.D., Prowler and Rasterscan.

Mastertronic Added Dimension ::
On Cue and Wizards Pet.

Ricochet ::
5th Quadrant.

Hold on to your Hats and get ready for the next batch coming soon ...

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