Saturday, November 12, 2011

Batch 22 : Hello Again ... Dan Dare !

In a bizarre twist of fate I managed to get a sequel before a prequel ! No ! What I mean is, I got Dan Dare II, before Dan Dare. Apparently, there was a third Dan Dare, but not a re-release on the Mastertronic Label or even it's sub labels. I quite like the graphics in Dan Dare, they are clean and cartoony at the same time.
We also have X-15 Alpha Mission, a Flight Simulator type-game. I am not a big fan of this genre, I used to be many years ago with Solo Flight by Microprose / US Gold, being my top favourite. All I want to do in games now, is shoot or jump !

Ricochet ::
Dan Dare and X-15 Alpha Mission

Batch 23 will be around to warm your hearts soon ... Current Total in collection now, is : [ 184 ]

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