Saturday, November 5, 2011

Batch 21 : Ooo ... Laser Cycle-type-Tron !

Well, it's November 5th 'Guy Fawkes Day' ! No doubt there will be lots of Fireworks going off tonight, even though, some have been going off days before ! Quite a common occurance to be honest ! So, what do we have this time ? A Laser Cycle-type-Tron and great little Stock Car Racing game with great visuals and cool Sprites !
I hope you like the different backdrop for the Photo, taken on the Commodore 128 with a Dust Cover adding a nice background. The Commodore 64c has been put away, as the Atari 800 XL is in it's place. Perhaps I could start collecting Mastertronic Tapes for the Atari ? I think I should need more storage space and funds though.

Mastertronic Plus ::
Raster Runner and Super Stock Car.

Until the next Batch ...

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