Thursday, August 11, 2011

Batch 15 : Start at the Beach and fight your way through !

The first time I saw and played part of this batch, Beach Head, I was still at school and probably about 14 years old. The gameplay and sound effects were spot on, never to be forgotten and always revisited for blast or two. Admittedly, it was a pirated version with Bruce Lee on the same Tape. But, I did own the originals a while later where my collection grew and grew, until that fateful day when six years of Commodore 64 computing was sold in way for a Commodore Amiga. So, tears of joy and sadness at the same time.
I didn't encounter Fist II until way into the late 1980's, around 1989/90. Not a bad beat'em up with an adventure element, if a little long and confusing, mapping the areas did help though.

Americana ::
Beach Head

Mastertronic Plus ::
Fist II

I wonder what Batch 16 will hold ?

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