Sunday, August 7, 2011

Batch 14 : Is that a Tom Selleck look alike ?

Does anyone remember Magnum P.I. [ ] from the 1980's ? You know, the T.V. Series where on the intro to each episode, a Ferrari skidded around [ ] and drove down the road at fast speed ? But to what connection has this to this batch ? Well, take a look at the cover to this ...
His specialist camouflage jacket does seem a little different, but the similarities are uncanny aren't they ? Don't you think ? Unless you read the reviews of this game, you instantly think it's some sort of shoot and beat'em up. Alas, it's a text adventure, but seemingly good, according to the extra Computer and Video Games Hit blurb on the front.
One extra note for this game, it's in two parts. Recorded conviently on both sides of the tape. Just in case one side fails, but that never happened did it ?

Bulldog ::
Rigel's Revenge

Batch 15 coming up later next week ... A beat'em up and war-type shoot'em up !


  1. I remember Magnum PI! I didn't know they made a video game of the series. Hmmm!

  2. Rigel's Revenge is a brilliant game, even if the cover art is extremely misleading (it's a sci-fi adventure game and you play an investigative journalist).