Saturday, July 23, 2011

Batch 12 : Some of us are sealed ...

Rolling up to a nice little batch here with a sealed collection of games, which I understandably opened and tested all the same. To some of you, this might sound crazy, but to me it's magnetic media that has been stored and never used ... So, it needs to be loaded and played ! Some collectors daren't open an item for devaluing it, but if an item is kept in a good condtion, then to me it's perfectly fine to use it ! Also, thank goodness for Emulation, for most of and pretty much 100% of the collectable titles, will already be available in the Commodore archives, as would most other formats, like the ZX Spectrum.

In this sealed pack we have : Werewolves of London, Revenge II and Crazy Comets !

And to now the wonders of this Batch ...

Mastertronic ::
The Captive, Lazer Wheel, Revenge II and Werewolves of London.

Mastertronic Plus ::
Knight Games, Psycho Hopper and Transformers.

Ricochet ::
Crazy Comets

A nice batch with a variation of genres. Now, Batch 13 will be an interesting one with 10+ titles and one *rare* re-release ...

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