Monday, May 14, 2012

Batch 41 : Play it like there's no tomorrow !

So, when was the last time you played it like there was no tomorrow ? A game is a game and although I don't play many of the games that are around today, I certainly played a fair few back in the day. Well, that was a number of years ago, but it was fun then and still is now. Here's to retro computing !

Here we have three titles that have come my way, including two that I missed an opportunity to get at an earlier date ...
We all know Raid Over Moscow, in this instance it has been called Raid. It is still the same game, but with a slightly shortened name. This is another classic game by Bruce Carver of Access Software. Spore and Tunnel Vision two titles that I don't remember playing. Spore is quite a perculiar game, but with a fair modest David Whittaker title tune and sound effects. Whilst Tunnel Vision has a classic piece of music " Bach - Toccata in D Minor " and some speech " Attention - Get Ready ". The game isn't too bad and I quite like the 3D Tunnel effect in the game. Worth a look !

Americana ::

Bulldog ::

Rack It ::
Tunnel Vision

So, how many are left to get now ?

5 A Side Soccer ( Mastertronic Added Dimension )
Ultimate Combat Mission ( Mastertronic )
Ball Blazer ( Ricochet )
How to be a Complete B*stard ( Ricochet )

Are they out there ? Who knows ? Until the next time ...

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