Saturday, October 8, 2011

Batch 19 : You just can't Beat-It !

N-i-n-e-t-e-e-n ! A line from Paul Hardcastles' 19 is more difficult to write in words, than it is pronoucing it verbally. So, just take yourself back to when you first heard the track and then go and listen to it on YouTube, is it how you remember it ?

Anyhow, it is Batch 19 with a few shoot'em ups and a real classic, Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge. Loosely based on the British equivalent of the USA Stuntman, Evel Kenievel.
Beat-it or rather Jammin' II is a pretty good game, where you must collect notes and use Escalator type areas on the level to reach them. Die Alien Slime felt like an enhanced Shoot'em up Construction Kit game. Though, there is nothing wrong with that, I could help feeling a reminder of this when playing it. Again, Try and check out some or all of the games that appear in the All About Mastertronic Blog, you are sure to find something of interest.

Mastertronic ::
Beat-it, Frenesis, Starforce Fighter, Starlifter and Zzzz.

Mastertronic Plus ::
Die Alien Slime and Mindtrap.

Ricochet ::
Aliens and Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge.

Batch 20 won't be far off ... 

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